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RUSH FIRE DIST. NEWSLETTER / December 2022 & January 2023

COMMISSIONERS ELECTION: Any Rush resident can run for fire commissioner position. This is a volunteer position with a five year term. A petition is required with 25 Rush tax payers signatures. The election is held December 13 6 to 9 pm  at the main fire station. Scott Goodman is running for reelection. For complete information contact the district secretary at or 533-2058 & leave a number to contact you.

 RUSH FIRE DISTRICT: Fire District Public Budget hearing was held at Fire Station #1 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, on Tuesday - October 18th at 7:00 pm. This hearing and date is set by NYS Law.

 ANNUAL BUDGET:  The cost per $1,000 is $1.21. The total budget is $490,000. The increase was due to putting in place station managers and the major increase in insurance and utilities. Just the insurance is over $75,000.

 FEMA GRANT: We received $193,000 from FEMA towards the purchase of new air packs. The present packs are outdated and we can’t get parts for them any more. 

 ACCESS & HOUSE NUMBERS: “HELP us so we can HELP you”.  We are still having serious problems with gaining access into many properties along with not being able to find homes in emergencies due to no visible or legible addresses on the house or mailboxes. Did YOU know that there are local and state codes that you have to comply with? Not complying with these codes could delay the Fire Dept., Ambulance, and Sheriffs in getting to you and damage to our expensive equipment.  This could cost you loss of life and property.  For more information please contact The Rush Town Code Enforcement Officer so you can be compliant.


RESPONSES: We have responded to 360 calls as of November 4h. Many car deer accidents and lift assists. We responded to a reported barn fire on West Rush Rd. Rush FD Lt. Jim Princehorn who lives across the street responded to the scene and dragged the burning lawn mower out of the barn. Pumper 582 arrived and put out the fire in the barn and then the mower. Our automatic mutual aid was dispatched but not used. Mendon filled in at Rush. Honeoye Falls & Henrietta came to the scene. 

RESCUE EQUIPMENT:  We are adding more extrication equipment to the rescue truck. This will cost $14,000 and fund drive money will be used for this purchase.

LADIES APPRECIATION DINNER: The Rush firefighters will again hold a Prime rib and  salmon dinner for the Ladies Auxiliary to thank them for all they do for the fire department and community. Beth Faugh is chairperson.

FUND DRIVE: The second request went out in November.  We have about 500 of the 1,300 requests return some donation. A SINCERE THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE RESPONDED.

FIRE PREVENTION: Many of the fire publications have FD’s that boast about how many serious calls they respond to. WE BOAST on how the residents that we serve are very fire and safety conscious and DO NOT NEED OUR SERVICES VERY OFTEN, We thank you for this. Please continue the great work.  We feel that our years of fire prevention & education efforts have paid off. These efforts do work and help control accidental fires and resulting injuries or death in Rush.

FACEBOOK: “Like us” Rush Volunteer Fire Department. There are health & safety messages posted, breaking news on incidents, congratulations to our members, photos  and much more. Check it out.  The WEB SITE  is     

LADIES AUXILIARY: Please contact Joan Madigan at 229-4168 or email her or  website