Classic Photographs & Fires


Some Major Fires over the years

Rush Mill on the Creek 1941 - Chief Vince Behnk

Rush Motors Rt 15 1950's - Chief Les Faugh

Hillcrest Hotel - Rt 15 1950's - Chief Vince Behnk

Maloney's Barn Rt 15A - 1950's  Chief Vince Behnk

          Wildwood CC - Basement Haz/Mat Fire 1973  Asst. Chief Bob Bock I/C

Chase's Green House 1970's - Chief Al Sweet

Barns on Fire - #6 Rd. Chief Tony Rossi

1977 650 Acres Brush/Grass & Pine Trees Fire - Spread by 25 MPH  wind from Pinnacle Rd to Rush-Mendon T/L Rd . 8 FD & State Forest Ranger  Mutual Aid.   Chief Bob Faugh

1977 Nagy Home - E. River Rd - Chief Bob Faugh

Martin Home - E. River D. Asst. Chief Dick Wheeler

Rush Hotel - 1981 - Chief Robert Faugh

Wearhouse Fire on State School Property - Drums of Paint & ETOH

Work shop  Fire -East River Rd. 2005

Stoney Brook Road - 2011 - Chief Jim Bucci

10-01-16 West Rush Road, Captain Mike Terzo Jr. I/C

October 17, 2017 Rush-Mendon Road - Jim Bucci Chief

October - 2018 - Structure Fire - Basement - 34 Boulder Creek Drive - Under Control in10 Minutes - Capt. Ron Faugh I/C

      M/A HFFD 4-23-20 $ Seasons Restaurant - Blitz Attack f/ Rear

6-12-20 6666 Rush Lima Rd  Jon Faugh I/C

                 OTHER CLASSIC PHOTOS - LADIES   AUX on their page

August 2015 - Diana Pfersick elected to the FASNY Board of Directors, also chaired their EMS Committee.

June 2015 - SPAAMMFAA Convention display at NYS Transportation 

First Rented Barn for storage of the 1st fire truck. $60 a year from John Behnk Sr. on East Henrietta Road (Now Miller Plumbing)

        New LED sign installed September 2015

2014 West Webster FD presented Fire Chief Jim Bucci a plaque at the March FD Meeting thanking the Rush members their help after four of their fire fighters were shot, two of which were killed.

Past Chief, present Fire Commissioner and 60 year active member of the Rush Fire Department receives the 2012 Monroe County Joint Fires Services "Mike Sadden" award for years of service to his dept. the county and state fire organizations. (October 10 at the Diplomat Party House)

Rush FD NYS "Firefighter 1" Graduates - Jake Eggleston, Dan Chapman, Kyle McNeil and dad Jim McNeil  Front row: James Bucci, Abby O'Neill and Josh Eggleston


Past Chief, present Fire Commissioner, ALVIN SWEET recognized for his 60 years of Active service - Rush FD Banquet - March 2013

Rush Fire Department President, Firefighter & EMT CC DIANA PFERSICK, after receiving the Rush American Legion Post #1330 2012 local award, was then awarded the American Legion Certificate of Commendation for Outstanding Public Service at the County level.  She was also chosen as the winner for the Western District level.

Rush & Honeoye Falls FD - HF-Mendon Ambulance & Henrietta Ambulance received the 2011 "UNIT COMMENDATION" award from the joint Monroe County Fire Service for a rescue of a person trapped between a large truck, a car and a tree. 

Local, regional and NYS American Legion 2010 "Firefighter of the Year" Awarded to Robert Faugh - 45 Year member, Past Chief, EMT and Present Fire Commissioner - Bob and wife Linda went to Syracuse to received  the NEW YORK STATE award.

Rush American Legion Post 1330 Community Service  Awards 2010 - Robert Faugh, Mike (Peewee) Terzo and Alvin Sweet


Chief James  Bucci Jr. Receives the Local, regional and NYS American Legion "Firefighter of the Year" award for  2007

NY State Firemen's Association (FASNY) for 2005 Firefighter's  of the Year and 2004 Monroe County "Medal of Honor" award 

Rush firefighters: Asst. Chief Jim Bucci, Asst. Chief Pete Henry, Lt. Mike Terzo and Firefighter/EMT Joe Cirincione received these awards for a water rescue in May 2004. The fifth battalion water rescue team also received a "Unit Commendation Award" for the others involved that rescue. Over 300 firefighters, families and local officials attended the dinner including the County Executive Maggie Brooks and Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson. (Rescue described blow)

2004 Monroe County Joint Fire Service "Mike Sadden"  Award to Bob Faugh for his years of dedicated service to his department, county fire bureau as a county & state instructor and state fire organizations.  FASNY, NYS Chiefs and NYS Fire Districts.

Past Chief Dale Sweet being recognized by the Monroe Co. Fire Chief 's Association for serving as their President for two years.


Monroe County Joint Fire Service "Mike Sadden" Award to Past Chief Ron Faugh for his years of dedicated service to the City of Rochester FD, The Rush FD and the Monroe County Fire Bureau as a county and state fire instructor. 

Al & Nancy Sweet - Al received the 2002 Monroe Co. Joint Fire Services Firefighter of the year award for his dedicated service to the The Rush Fire Department and the Monroe Co. Fire Services and NYS Fire Services organizations.

Vince & Bert Behnks - Vince was Chief for many years (1978 photo)

1995 - 75 Years of Service to the Town of Rush

1986 Past Officer Banquet - Three Past Fire Chiefs, Les Faugh, Dick Wheeler & Al Sweet

1976 Pumper donated to Birdsall FD in October of 2004


First Rush Fire Truck - Model "T" 1920 Chemical Wagon   (this is a 1921 Model "T" that is very close to the Rush unit)

1938/1939 Chevrolet Ertl Bank - Model of the 1st Rush Ambulance -$25.00 contact Bob Faugh at or Al Sweet at 533-1030.

1948 -  Leo Collins, Jim Fletcher, Jack Tracy, Les Faugh, Vince Behnk, Bill Finley, Irving McAvoy - We have been operating the ambulance service since 1939.

1951 Rush FD Parade

RUSH FD PARADE - 1968 T/O Rush 50th Anniversary

1939 Chevrolet "Squad Car" (M-34) used from 1951 to 1957

1957 Ford (Reading Body) Rescue Truck - First Rescue Truck in Monroe County (R-1). Carried a  10 Ton -"Porto-Power", Large Cutting Torch, Generator w/   flood lights, Portable Pump, First Aid equipment, Ladders and misc. rescue tools.  1963 Pontiac - "Superior Coach" high top ambulance A-7.

1957 Ford Rescue (First Heavy Rescue in Monroe County - Radio call sign R-1. It was replaced with a 1975 Ford C-750 "Welch Body" Rescue, Salvage Unit . (photo below - 1957 & 1974 units)


1991 Pierce "Lance" Heavy Rescue, 6 person cab,  designed by officers and members of the Rush Fire Department. The equipment from the 1975 Rescue was moved over and the following added: Cascade Air system for filling air tanks, 25 KW Generator,  4 -1000 watt telescoping flood lights, air, power and hydraulic lines on reels, "Res Q" Jack system, back boards and additional first aid equipment, positive pressure fan, rope rescue and water/ice rescue equipment. The 1991 Rescue truck cost   $ 200,000. It has over   $ 400,000 worth of specialized equipment. It was sold to Rushville FD for $60,000 in 2010.  


The 2010 HME/EVI 18' Rescue Truck has all of the above equipment plus a 9,000 Watt telescoping light tower, 35 KW generator, 6000 PSI cascade system, R-side and rear cameras, 12,000 lb winch, skid and rollover prevention computer, Electronic 200 watt E-Q siren, "Roto-ray"  warning light along with all LED warning and clear scene lights. There are side and front/rear 120 volt floods also. Total cost $438,000. It has another $500,000 worth of rescue and water rescue equipment on the truck. It is part of Monroe County's "Special Operation" unit.


1956 Tanker 18 & A7  Top Left to right -Vince Behnk, Les Faugh, Al Mack, Bottom left to right - Charlie Flutts, Charlie Roth,  Paul Tobey  

ARC First Aid Class - Rush FD -  Early 60s

First "Jaws of Life" Call - 1977 (Rt 15A & RH T/L Rd.) First Electric Powered Jaws in Monroe County.


1970 Pontiac "Superior" Replaced by 1979 Ford "EVF" Modular Type III Ambulance

Fire Games 1965 - Dick. Wheeler, Larry Mack, Roger Tobey, Lynn Mack, Bob Faugh & Don McNeil

Firefighters Bob Faugh & Dick Wheeler - 1965

Lima Bed Races - "A Team" (Younger Crew)

Lima Bed Races - "B Team"   (Not so young crew)

1951 Chevrolet "Barnett" Ambulance

2011 Ford E-350 Marquet Ambulance - $130,000

1953 GMC/Young  Tanker 18 (1,000gal water - 800 PSI pump) and 1947 Feberal/Buffalo Engine 85 (500 GPM pump 400 gal water) RFD Fleet at Old fires house which is now the Library  (1960)

The Rush FD Fleet in 1955

Equipment Rush FD Fleet 1991

House # 1 Rush FD Fleet 1987 (our lime-yellow period, we got over it)

House #1 RFD Fleet - 2007

2013 Rush FD Open House  Station One

House One - 2015

Flood of June 2014

Carnival Field Looking south into Parking lots

Carnival Field looking West

      06-28-14 NEW "Quick Attack" Foam Pumper 584 - Went to its 1st working fire just 12 hours  after being put in service.


               FLOOD OF 2015 - 582 at St. Joes pumping 600 GPM for 2 Hours with Matt Vancuran & Eric McNeil

HFFD 2015 PARADE - The  cast from "FROZEN"

Richard Wheeler and Robert Faugh receive their 50 years active duty pins - March 5th, 2016

Al Sweet recognized for his 40 years as Fire Commissioner - March 5th, 2016


11-29-16 Tyler Grillo, Grandson of Life Member Duane Fanning Graduates FF1 NYS OFP&C 180 hour class.

HFFD 2016 CHRISTMAS PARADE Rush won 2nd place


Past Chief Jim Bucci receives the Lloyd Leve - STEP EMS AWARD for 2016.

Past Chief, Past Commissioner AL SWEET Recognized for his 65 Years of Active Service

Past Chief Bob Faugh receives the Monroe-Livingston Regional Council Harrett C. Weber award for leadership in the EMS environment. (05/21/17)

2017 Marisa Scott gets her EMT Certification

Monroe Co. Joint FIRE SERVICE AWARDS Appreciation Dinner 10/12/17 A UNIT COMMENDATION AWARD was presented to the Rush & Honeoye Falls Fire Departments for a complicated extrication on Rt 65 in Mendon on the very cold night of February 4, 2017. The Rush crew members were Chief Jim McNeil, Asst. Chief Mike Terzo, Past Chiefs Bob Faugh & Dale Sweet, Firefighters Kevin Kolmetz, Tyler Grillo and Erin McNeil.

AL SWEET - 65 Years of Service March 2018.

Rush Residents Donate $13,000 Hurst tool  June/2018

2018 Monroe Co. Joint Fire Service Unit Award to Rush FD, MCSO and CHS for joint effort and successful  response to a cardiac arrest patient., our Firefighter Royer Pfersick.

JENNA CIRINCIONE CHS 2018 EMT of the YEAR - MONROE-LIVINGSTON EMT of the year -  American Ambulance Asso. "Stars of Life" award winner.

CHIEF JAMES J. BUCCI Jr. Sudden death May 2nd, 2019

  Past Chief, Fire Commissioner & Active member (2019) Robert Faugh received his retirement plaque from the Monroe Co. Fire Bureau Coordinator Steve Schalabba at the Oct. 2019 FD membership meeting. He  served as a County & State Fire Instructor from 1982 to 2019. He was the longer serving Fire Instructor in County history 37 years.

Kitty saved 6-12-20 6666 Rush-Lima Road by Chief Jon Faugh