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Rush Fire Department - Mission Statement

The Rush Fire Department is a public safety organization that provides fire, rescue and emergency services to a diverse community. We are committed to the preservation of life, property and the environment. Through education and public awareness programs, we enhance the quality of life and the safety of the citizens we proudly serve.

Positions available in the Rush Fire Department:

1. Firefighter - This is the primary position for all members of the Department. The firefighter responds to emergencies which threaten the safety of citizens or their property. The firefighter receives basic and advanced training in preparation for emergency response. The firefighter also receives protective clothing and gear suitable for emergency situations. All firefighters also receive training and certification in basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques and Auto Defribulator (AED) use.

2. Emergency Medical Services - Firefighters who are interested in Ambulance duty receive additional training and can become certified in New York State as a CERTIFIED FIRST RESPONDER (CFR-D), or as an EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT-D). With this additional training firefighters can serve the Rush community by assisting residents who become ill or are injured.

3. Fire Police - Firefighters may be called on to provide traffic control or help with management of bystanders during an emergency evolution. The Rush Fire Department provides the special training required in the state of New York for a person to be sworn in as a Fire Police officer.

4. Rescue Operations - Firefighters may participate in additional training which would qualify them for special roles in auto extrication, water related rescues, remote area related rescues, and rope rescue operations. These special qualifications increase the value that a firefighter brings to the community of Rush and to the Fire Department.

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Rush Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Operations:

1. Requirements - Members are required to complete an Orientation to the Rush Fire Department, a Physical Examination, and attend training programs (drills) offered throughout the month.

a. Orientation to the Rush Fire Department consists of several video tapes and reviews of Rush Fire's guidelines for responding to emergencies.

b. New Member requirements include… (first year requirement)
·attend at least one drill per month, attend at least two business meetings per quarter. Accumulate at least 90 activity points per year, of which 45 must be from response to fire or emergency calls (two points are awarded per call response and per training session; one point is awarded for business meetings, parades, and special details).

c. Firefighter Physical Examination is provided by the Rush Fire District. Examination requirements are available from the Rush Fire District secretary.

d. Training and Drills include the NYS Basic course in firefighting as well as Rush Fire Department's Monday night drills. Drills are held on the 2nd, 3rd, and optionally 4th Mondays of each month. Special drills, local, county, regional and state seminars are available throughout the year.

New Membership Applicant Overview:
2. Issued Equipment - Members are issued equipment listed below. This equipment is intended for the use and safety of firefighters. An inventory of all issued equipment is taken once each year. An alert pager is issued to notify firefighters of emergency calls needing a crew for response. Protective clothing is issued which includes firefighter "turn out" gear and safety goggles. Uniforms and jackets are issued for parades or special functions.

3. Benefits - Members receive benefits listed below.
a. Each active member is insured under the Volunteer Firefighter Benefit law (VFBL) while on active duty. Additionally the Fire Department provides coverage under an accident insurance policy.
b. A group life insurance coverage is provided after the new member completes their orientation and physical examination that covers them both on duty and off duty of $25,000..
c. Periodic physical examinations are provided free of charge.
d. A physical fitness assessment and physical fitness program are provided to all members.

Social Activities and Functions:
1. Monthly Business Meetings - are held on the 1st Monday of the month at 7PM.
2. Annual Meeting and Election of Social Officers -is held on the 1st Monday of December. This is a dinner meeting.
3. Annual Fund Drive - is held in May. Rush residents are sent a fund drive letter to raise money for the purchase of EMS supplies and for the planned replacement of the Ambulance and Rescue vehicles.
4. Firemen's Carnival - this is another fund raising event held in July. Firefighters are asked to assist in set-up, operation, and tear-down of the Carnival.
5 Past Officers Banquet - this is a social event held in March of each year. Firefighters are asked to join their comrades for a festive evening. Spouses are welcome.
6. Clam Bake - this is a social event held as a celebration of successful Fund Raising activities. The clam bake is held in September and spouses are welcome.
7. Inspection Dinner - this is a social event sponsored by the Rush Fire Commissioners following the annual inventory of issued gear. It is held in November.
8. Parades - these events are held at other Volunteer Fire Departments in the area throughout the spring and summer. Special parade events in the town of Rush include the Memorial Day Parade and the Rush Firemen's Carnival Parade. Firefighters are asked to participate.
9. Committees and Sponsored Organizations - these committees include relief, membership, fire prevention and many others. The sponsored organizations include Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Explorers.
10. Fire Prevention and Education - the Rush Fire Department conducts special education programs at Leary Elementary School. These programs introduce safety tips for children, and acquaint children with firefighters on a personal basis.
11. County, Regional & State Conventions & Seminars - firefighters attend the meetings and social events representing the department.
13. Defensive Driving Class - Member receives 10% off their vehicle insurance for 3 years. (6 hour class).
13. Others - Such as Bowling competitions, Softball, Bed races and any other fun activity that we can muster a team for are usually sponsored by the fire department.