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ONEILL TREE SERVICE: Thank you O’Neill Tree Service for removing the trees near the West Rush Fire Station. Your donation was appreciated.

STATE TRAINING: Tyler Grillo – has successfully completed the NYS F/F II Training

THE WIND AND SNOW STORM: The Rush Fire Department responded to 15 calls for service in that 24 hours of the wind storm. We are thankful and proud of the many Rush citizens took care of the many problems without calling 911 and also helped their neighbors that needed assistance during the wind storm and snow storm. The Emergency Generator at House 2 ran for 2 days during the wind storm.

RECRUIT NY OPEN HOUSE: It was held April 30th from 1 to 4 pm. The Ladies Auxiliary provided char-broiled hots, chips, cookies and drinks. The kids received a 15” collector fire truck from the Ladies Aux. The turnout was disappointing but those who showed up they enjoyed the power-point show, equipment displays and talking to the firefighters. Many departments around NYS report no one showing up at their open house.

NEW MEMBER:  Explorer Josh Gretzinger has been voted into the Fire Department.

NEW EXPLORERS: They are Kevin McGlory and John Phillips.

CLEANING THE STATIONS:  For the time being the Rush firefighters will be cleaning the stations – Saving taxpayer money for a paid cleaning service.  

YOUR TAX RATE: It is time for us to start to prepare a 2018 budget. It is our goal to keep the rate the same as last year. At this time you pay $1.12 per thousand. Our costs continue to go up and we try to save money any place we can.  We have two major reserve funds, one for building and grounds and the other for apparatus and major equipment such as the radio system replacement, addition to fire station and new vehicles.

PROMOTION: Congratulation are in order. Rush Fire Commissioner Scott Goodman, who is also a paid firefighter in Henrietta, was promoted to Captain for the Henrietta Fire District. Scott is also an active Rush Firefighter and EMS DO for the ambulance.

ANNUAL FUND DRIVE: All resident should have received a fund drive request for Ambulance and Fire Department operations. We still operate the only free BLS ambulance service in the county. A special “thank you” to all of the residents that contributed to our annual fund drive.

Over the years your fund drive money has purchased all the ambulances, the 4 Rescue trucks, the two 4-wheel drive trucks, the 2 ATVs, the Boats and trailers, the “ jaws of life” and thousands of dollars of other equipment and radios. We realize that the economy is having an adverse effect on many.

Your firefighters appreciate the Rush community financial support that is unmatched per mailing anywhere in western New York!

PARADES: The Fire Department, Ladies Auxiliary, Explorers, Band and Apparatus will be attending area parades. For a complete list go to and click on Parades.

RUSH SENIORS PICNIC: The Rush firefighters will provide the hots, hamburgs and rolls for the July & August picnics held in the FD pavilion for Rush senior citizens.

CARNIVAL JULY 13, 14 and 15. Thursday night reduced prices on clams and beer. Legal Gambling every night.  The Parade will be Friday night 7 pm sharp! A band will play on Saturday night.  "FREE ADMISSION NO COVER" ONE PRICE RIDE SPERCIALS: Thursday night 6 to 10 pm & Saturday 1 to 5 pm. KIDDIE PARADE:  Ladies Auxiliary Kiddie Parade 6pm on Thursday night. CHICKEN BAR-B-QUE: is on Saturday. FIREWORKS:  10:15 pm Saturday night.

CANIVAL RAFFLE: Due to popular demand 50/50 raffle tickets are available now.  THREE prizes of $1,000 each are possible if we sell out, drawing 11 pm Saturday night.

AGAIN THIS YEAR:  Two Rush businesses are sponsoring the 50/50 raffle by paying for the ticket printing cost as a donation to the Fire Department and providing coupons for their products. A BIG “THANK YOU” to COLBY’S  BBQ & ICE CREAM and MONTESANO’s PIZZA.

65 YEARS OF SERVICE: 5-01-17 At Monday nights fire meeting AL SWEET was recognized for his 65 years as an active firefighter in Rush. Al received a plaque outlining this achievement and we all had cake. Al's wife Nancy, who has supported him all these years was also at the meeting. Al served as Asst. Fire Chief, Fire Chief, Rush Fire Commission Chair, 5th Batt. Fire Coordinator, Rush FD Director, Parade chairman for many years, WNY Judge for parades. President of the County Fire Chiefs, many FASNY Committees and was involved in too many projects to list. He just might be the oldest active firefighter in Monroe County.

EMS AWARDS: Two Rush Past Fire Chiefs received area EMS awards. James J Bucci Jr received the Monroe/Livingston STEP EMS LLOYD LEVE award for his years of service, caring commitment, dedication, strong leadership skills, teaching skills, communication skills, creativity and ingenuity to EMS in Rush - Henrietta and Monroe County. Jim is the chairman of the County EMS Advisory Board and was the driving force behind the new county EMS radio trunking system. Jim was Asst. Chief for several years and Chief for 8 years at Rush. He has been very active in everything we do at the fire department including chairman for the carnival & past officers banquet for many years.  He is Deputy Chief at Henrietta Ambulance where he has been a member for 25 years.  He received this award at the STEP EMS conference breakfast April 1st.

Robert Faugh received the Monroe/Livingston regional EMS council HARRIET WEBER award for demonstrated dedication, responsibility, exemplary professional behavior. ingenuity and insight in Rush, Monroe County and NYS EMS environment. Bob has been a member of Rush for over 50 years and was Asst. Chief for several years and Fire Chief for 5 years. He has been an EMT since 1972 and was the Ambulance Director for 26 Years. He has been very active in County and State Fire & EMS organizations and was voting member for the NYS Fire District at the NYS EMS Council for 9 years. He was Training Chairman for the State Firemen’s Asso. (FASNY). He was the driving force behind the County EMS Advisory Board being formed. He will receive his award May 21st at the EMS kick off event at the Public Safety Training center. His nomination will go to the state EMS council for consideration for the NYS award.

RUSH FIRE DEPARTMENT WEB SITE IS: – Go there for news, photos, history, recruitment info, membership lists, officers, apparatus, classic photos, links to other related sites. We are also now on Facebook under Rush Volunteer Fire Department.