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RUSH FIRE DISTRICT Febuary & March 2020.  

COMMISSIONERS ELECTION: Commissioner MIKE (peewee) TERZO SR.  was elected to a five year term as a Rush Fire Commissioner.  52 Registered voters showed up to elect him.  

ORGANIZATIONAL MEETING: Rush Fire District organizational meeting was held January 2nd, 2020 Scott Goodman was elected as Chairman, Bob Faugh Vice-Chairman. Colleen Statskey was appointed Secretary, Robert Kuhls was appointed Treasurer. The monthly public meeting will be held the third Tuesday, 7:00 PM at Rush Station 1, 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush, NY. Our bank remains to be M&T. The Henrietta Post will be the official newspaper. Peter Weishaar remains our attorney.  

APPARATUS MAINTIANCE: We wish to thank the Mark David and the Rush Highway Dept. employees that did our annual oil, lube and filters on 3 of our larger trucks. We supplied the filters, paid for the oil and time for the person to do the work. They also keep our stations plowed during these winter storms.  This saved the taxpayers a lot of money.  

FIRE CHIEF NOMINATIONS: The fire department nominations for Chiefs positions were approved by the fire district commissioners. Jon Faugh Fire Chief, Sean Brown 1st Asst. Chief and Kevin Smith 2nd Asst. Chief.  The line officer positions were also approved at this meeting..

NEW RADIO SYSTEM: The new trunked radio program is ready to go in Rush. All our officers and members have been instructed and have practiced using these new radios. This new equipment will allow us better coverage in Rush and also better communications with surrounding counties. If you have a scanner you will still be able to hear us get toned out for alarms and then we will be sent to a work channel which most scanners will not pick up.  

SOME SAFTEY TIPS:  Be careful with your use of candles. We have had several serious fires because of candles over the past few years. Have you chimney cleaned and heating appliances checked and in this cold weather keep an eye on your elderly neighbors.  

FIRE DEPARTMENT AND AMBULANCE:  ACTIVITY FOR 2019: We had a busy year with 500 calls and the loss of Fire Chief James J. Bucci Jr. in May. We had 2 EMT/firefighters (Josh Gretzinger & Zac Dubois) assaulted at an EMS call on I-390.  We are happy to report that both have recovered from their injuries.  

We want to thank the community for their outstanding fire prevention efforts which resulted in NO STRUCTURE FIRES in the Rush Fire District this past year.  

We had a total of 500 calls in 2019. 190 Fire/Rescue/MVA’s type calls which included. 1 Chimney Fire, 1 Auto Fire, 1 Stove fire, 1 propane tank fire, 1 roll off dumpster fire, 1 electric plug fire, 3 trees in road, 13 wires down, 5 Fumes calls, 8 CO alarms calls (no CO present at any of these)  35 Automatic Alarms (18 were cooking) the FD was not needed at any of them.          12 Good intent which included vehs smoking, smoke in area, radiator leaks, 2 blown tubo chargers, poss. barn fire or nothing found at location.   6 to brush, weeds, grass and rubbish.  Fire equipment responded to 66 motor vehicle accidents for road blocking & traffic control, fluid spills and people to assist the ambulance crews. 6 responses to assist w/ CPR, 4 to remove hand cuffs or restraints, 19 Mutual Assistance calls to other departments to the scene or fill-in empty fire stations. Our automatic mutual aid was used 3 times for our neighbors to assist Rush.  1 dog rescue, 1 missing person and 5 water problems.

AMBULANCE:  310 EMS/Ambulance calls. Rush transported 56 patients BLS, 33 patients w/ ALS on our rig and 5 patients crew shared. Mutual Aid covered 50 ALS calls and 28 BLS calls (78) at which we had a first responder at 75% of those calls.  We were canceled on 33 calls either before responding or at the scene. Patient refused transport on 44 calls, Medical alarms 10, Lift assists 19,  stand bys 10. Mutual aid to other towns 4. ALS sent to I-390 and not used 10. DOA no transports 5, No patients found 3.   

Your 37 volunteers donated over 5,000 hours training, drilling, attending seminars, attending meetings, maintaining the apparatus, equipment and fire stations saving the tax payers thousands of dollars.  

LADIES FUN DINNER: The firefighters held the annual Ladies Aux. Christmas party at station one in December. They had a choice of Prime Rib, Stuffed Chicken breast or Bake Salmon. Also available Shrimp cocktail, Cheese & crackers, baked potatoes and green beans, assorted cheese cake desserts. This is to thank them for all their hard work during the year.  

SOCIAL OFFICERS ELECTION: Heidi Sweet was elected President. Beth Faugh Vice President, Diana Pfersick Secretary, Kevin Kolmetz Asst. Secretary, Bob Faugh Treasurer. Rev. Buzz Grimm is our Chaplin. A complete list of all officers and directors is at  

NEW MEMBER: Austin Jackson who lives in West Henrietta was voted in at the January meeting. Past President Duane Fanning has moved to social member status.  

ANNUAL FUND DRIVE:  Our total for 2019 will be over $48,000 which including funds from United Way. This type of response is unbelievable for a town the size of Rush. These funds are used for new equipment, training and vehicles like the ambulance, heavy rescue truck, utility truck, boats/trailer and ATV. The fire department and ambulance service is more than grateful for these contributions. This also keeps your fire district tax rate low as possible. This has amounted to over 2 MILLION DOLLARS over the past years.

100th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR COINS: They are available on line at   (2 sides 1 ¾ diameter)  

FOR MORE INFORMATION, SAFETY TIPS AND DETAILED NEWS: Go to  www. or Rush Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page.