BOY SCOUT TROOP #134 - Below Explorers


Head Advisor - SUE VANCURAN 585-281-5012

HISTORY: The Rush FD Explorer Post was started in 1975. We had 25 kids at that time. Oscar Dell was the first post advisor. Over the years the post has provide some excellent firefighters and EMTs.  Two are NYS Troopers, (Jon Faugh & Mike Burdett), one is a Dansville PD / Livingston Co. Sheriff officer and East Avon FD Asst. Fire Chief (Jeff Faugh),  one is an Odgen Police Officer (Rob Anderson), one was a Sgt. in the Avon PD & Asst. Chief at Clifton FD (Peter Henry) and the others are all firefighters where they live.  Several other explorers that moved from Rush are involved in other FDs or Ambulance Services. The past chief (Dale Sweet) Asst. Fire Chief (Jim McNeil), Asst. Chief (Rob Anderson) and  Captain (Jon Faugh)  were explorers. We have male and female advisors and ALL have been trained by the BSA local council.

We are looking for new explorers - Boys and Girls between 14 and 21 years old. Learn first aid, CPR,  how to used an automatic defribrillator, fights fires and operate rescue  equipment like the "jaws of life". The only thing an explorer cannot do is go into a burning building. We provide the equipment and all the training. It not all work and no play, there are social functions and educational trips to places that the general public only hears about. They drill with the firefighters and also hold their own meetings and drills. They learn valuable emergency skills and procedures that may save YOUR life. Contact the advisor for more information.

PRESENT EXPLORER POST MEMBERS:  Zach Bucci, Tom Dundon,Victor Duong,  Josh Gretzinger, Arron Schutt, Ronnie Statsky, Ryan Tillich and  Matt VanCuran.

ADVISORS ARE:           David & Sue VanCuran, Beth & Jon Faugh, Jenna Cirincione, Mike Terzo Jr. and Andy Socola.

BOY SCOUT TROOP 134 Sponsored by the Rush FD since 1937

78 years - http://www.rush134.mytroop.us/

Scoutmaster Bob Cook

The Al Mack Memorial Scout Building is located at 2040 Rush-Mendon Road.  

Congratulations to our Newest EAGLE SCOUTS: ALEXANDER ROBERTS AND BRIAN LLOYD. We have had 60 Boy Scouts become EAGLE SCOUTS since were began sponsorship over 78 years ago. We have provided the AL MACK Memorial Scout House since 1960.